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Need Funding for your Business?

Finishline Consulting will help you get your business on the right path to SUCCESS…
Your SUCCESS is our commitment to you.

Funding Solutions

FLC will work with you to obtain funding through different avenues in order to start or grow your busines. We understand that the #1 reason businesses fail in the first year is due to under capitalization. We will help you obtain 20k-360k in as little as 2 weeks. Get Pre-Approved in as little as 24 hours.

Types of Credit

FLC will walk you through the different types of funding options that are available depending on your business needs.

Better Business Management

Once you have established funding for your business this will give you the most important tool needed to stay in business while working on future projects in order to become successful.



Your Success Starts Here!

Finishline Consulting is committed and loyal to helping you meet your financial needs. The corner stone of our company is centered around our clients. We hold your hand from start to finish. Your success is our success. Building relationships is our highest priority. Finding funding is yours. We will work hard to consult you and very quickly to help you establish funds in order to grow your business at lightening speed.

Our Solution

We understand the challenges of raising capital for small businesses. Especially in the first year. We will work side by side with you to help you obtain the funding you need through different types of creative strategies. In return, this will allow you to overcome the #1 hurdle that small businesses face; which is, “Running out of Capital before the first year.. Our solution is at no cost until FLC has helped you obtain funding you need to move forward with your business. We ask our client’s to give us a chance. You have nothing to lose considering we don”t charge ANYTHING up front..

FLC's Commitment
Over the next year, FLC will continue to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together as effectively and efficiently as possible. At FLC, revenue is not our highest priority. This is the reason we will help you obtain your funding first before we charge anything! WE help our clients obtain the maximum amount of funding. We charge $0.00 upfront costs! We believe so much in what we do that, YES, you will not pay us until we meet our contract.. Our Team here at FLC is committed to creating solid relationships that last. Loyalty comes first.


Our team here at Finishline Consulting shares over 30 years experience in the fields of customer service, leadership, research, consulting and education. Each Consultant provides their own unique imprint on FLC. We have such a devoted team of consultants which makes us stand out from other companies. We will never treat our clients like a number. We will always know you by name. Our cornerstone of our company is our complete devotion to our clients need for success. Remember we work for you. Our loyalty comes 1st. We know you by name and we treat you as family. We will never allow FLC to grow so big and take away our little town feeling. All clients that come through our system are 100% client referral based. We are a company thats stands alone and will never partner up with a bigger company to lose that small town commitment.

Finishline Consulting has the education, understanding and knowledge your looking for to obtain funding that is unsecured, no collateral, no tax returns, based on stated income and without the stack of paperwork that traditional banks require in order to qualify you. With years of research, we have found a unique way to help you obtain the necessary capital quick and painlessly. Yes! In as little as two weeks we have client’s that are approved for as much as 250k at NO INTEREST for at least 12 MONTHS or LONGER! Depending on credit.



Our approach to our clients is to give them the start they need in order to achieve their goals. Research shows that 8 out of 10 businesses will fail the first year, simply because they run out of money. Funding is the #1 reason they fail. With the FLC’s tools and phases, we will reach the short term goal of obtaining instant funding for our clients. The longterm solution we offer will change the future for our clients in business. Our focus over the next year is to help our client’s build business and corporate credit.  In return, by given our clients the correct tools and guidance, our team of consultants will focus on helping you build your businesses credit by simply opening the correct accounts that report to the major business credit bureaus. In the future, with our help, we will work with you over the next year so your business may gain access to “traditional business loans”, once you are able to show financials and proof of business credit. We will be working with you every step of the way over the next year through our step-by-step phases of our program. Looking forward to working with you and building a solid foundation from start to finish.







Finance Tracking



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C Corporate is not our business. We rather remain small and personable with our clients. We believe in treating all of our clients as family.